Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot Gets a New Look

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The classic Bar Bar Black Sheep slot is back like never before following a revamp by Microgaming. This slot was still popular with players but they’ve added new features and reels to bring it up to date. We’ve investigated the main differences between the two games and whether the newer one really is better.

What Has Changed?

There have been a number of key changes within the game to bring it in line with newer Microgaming slots. These include:

  • Two New Reels – The game has been transformed from a three reel slot to a five reel one. This is great for players that want more space to match up their symbols but might mean that you’re missing out on the three reel retro version.
  • More Paylines – As the reels have been extended, so too have the number of paylines to keep the game as competitive. More space to match up symbols won’t count for much if you don’t have more paylines to match them on.
  • HD Graphics – Though this is a simple cartoon slot, the graphics have been perked up to look great on an HD screen. If you’re playing on an Android device, this means that it will stretch to take up the screen without looking grainy.
  • Paytable Hidden – While it’s normal for three reel slots to display a paytable, on five reel games this isn’t realistic. The paytable is now hidden away in the information section but it’s still easily accessible.
  • Free Spins – This feature has been added into the game and is activated when three bags of wool appear on the reels.
  • More Betting Options – As there are more paylines, there are more betting options included in the new version of the slot. These include coin size, lines and number of coins per line.
  • Autoplay – The newer version also has an autoplay function added in, so you can set up the reels and watch them go.
  • No Expert Mode – On older Microgaming slots, you may see a button marked ‘expert mode’ this sometimes gives you more options but wasn’t rolled out on all online slots. On the older version of this game, the button didn’t give you any extra options and has been removed.

The Bar Bar Black Sheep Feature

One thing we’re glad hasn’t changed too much is the feature that made this game famous. In the old version of the game a bar symbol, bar symbol and a black sheep paid out the largest jackpot. Now, this activates a mini feature that will spin and land anywhere from 1x to 999x your bet. There’s also a higher chance of triggering the feature as there are more reels.

Our Opinion

This game still has a lot of charm and the chance to win big jackpots, just with a few tweaks added in. The inclusion of free spins and the added chances to get the all-important Bar Bar Black Sheep combination are great changes for the game. Try it out for yourself and find out if you like the changes.

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