Bingo Bash


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Bingo Bash is a just for fun game which takes the classic style of Bingo and gives it a refreshing arcade twist. There are a ton of alternate game modes and a few fun power ups to try out.

A great feature of this brilliant Bingo app is that it’s compatible across multiple platforms so you could play it on pretty much any device and download it from a variety of different sources.


You don’t need to be a bingo expert to figure out how to spot the patterns and win big with Bingo Bash as the controls are fairly straightforward. Played in the same way as you would in a bingo hall, players are given a set number of chips with the option to play between one and four cards at a time. The games announcer will call out numbers and columns and you have to click the corresponding number on your card to mark it off and get closer to a bingo. To win in this game you have to land at least five grid spaces in a single row.

Tips and Strategies

A good strategy in this game would be to try and use your power-ups as often as you can; these super little items can occasionally drastically alter gameplay.

If you fully charge the ‘Power Up’ icon by clicking called out squares you can use it to place random powers across your card, these can range from instant wins to extra coins to spend.

App Features

One of the best features of this app is that it’s free so you don’t have to worry about spending any money. All purchases are made using in-game credits and there is an option to splash out real money for these credits if you choose but it’s not mandatory.

The in-game credits can be used to purchase things like extra Bingo chips and special items and collectibles that you can show off to your friends and use to collect larger daily chip bonuses.

Another fantastic feature is that the game has a level up system that will unlock access to unique rooms. Some of the rooms you can unlock range from the Santa V Grouch room to Thanksgiving and even the fun Speed Bingo matches that feature lightning fast rounds.

Worth Considering

Worth noting is that because Bingo Bash has a player base of 2million active users you’ll often find yourself in packed rooms and unfortunately you can’t guarantee they are all playing legitimately.

Sadly there are a lot of cheaters out there as people who use Android Bingo Bash cheats are quite a common occurrence.

Of course we don’t condone cheating as not only is it illegal, it also ruins the game for you and all the other players around you. If you see another player using an Android Bingo Bash hack you should always report them immediately.

Our Summary

Overall the Android Bingo Bash game is absolutely brilliant and it’s definitely worth checking out.

The app features a ton of fun and unique rooms to play in and the power ups add a lot of variety to gameplay as you watch your power meter fill and try to guess what might be fired out next.

The games themselves are impressive and the huge player base means you’re guaranteed to always find matches absolutely brimming with players, not to mention that they’re always free too. This app is definitely worth downloading.


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