Bingo Blitz

Big Tease Bingo

Bingo Blitz takes the familiar game of Bingo and gives it a arcade style twist. Created by Buffalo Studios, Bingo Blitz features a simplistic style and a variety of game different game modes to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

Available on multiple platforms across the Amazon App Store, the Apple Store, Facebook Apps and of course there’s an Android Bingo Blitz app available through Google Play.


Bingo Blitz is a 75 ball bingo game, and so follows these rules. Players are given a 5×5 card with 24 numbers on. Balls will then be drawn at random and you daub off a number on your card if it matches the one being called. You’ll then win a prize if you manage to complete a line across the card either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

You can also unlock power-ups, levels and items based on the Bingo room being used.

Bingo Blitz also comes with a leaderboard that ranks you amongst other players; but a lot of users, especially on Android devices, use cheats.

Players using Android Bingo Blitz cheats are usually disciplined, but because of how easy it is to find an Android Bingo Blitz hack there’s always a player willing to cheat.

This is because hacking Bingo Blitz is a legal grey area since users are not playing for real money but in-game credits.


A great tip for Bingo Blitz is to use the games special power-ups to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible. The ‘Instant Win’ power-up is a particular favourite as it means you’ll be able to win credits and collectible items at a faster pace than if you played normally.

Fun Features

What’s really appealing is Android Bingo Blitz unlimited number of ways to have fun outside of the main game with some fun side games.


This mode has you playing with a set of four cards; this means you have more fun as well as an excuse to use Bingo Blitz power-ups like ‘Double Daub’ to increase your chances of winning.

The Blackout rounds also let you win some more of Bingo Blitz’s collectible items.


The Loteria game mode involves using a set of coloured cards; each card contains a colour that corresponds to a coloured row and collectible item.

You then have to use these colour cards to locate a picture to get a ‘Loteria’, once you manage this the collectible items that appeared in your ‘Loteria’ are then awarded to you.

Shadow Cards:

In Shadow Cards your goal is to win a collectible item that appears as a silhouette in the background, you’ll also win a small selection of items when you daub off a chest on your card.

Alongside these fun games Bingo Blitz also run tournaments, bonuses, contests and slot games to keep things varied.There are also regular sweepstakes for prizes and player points available for you to take part in, so with Bingo Blitz you’ll never be shy of something fun to play.

Ever since it launched Bingo Blitz has gained a huge fan following, with millions of users downloading and playing this game every day. Thanks to its incredibly fun games and interesting bonuses and power ups that add a refreshing spin to the Bingo genre, Bingo Blitz is quickly becoming the best downloadable Bingo app available on the market.