Bingo Heaven Review

There are not many online bingo sites that offer bingo on android today. However, the huge popularity of this device is definitely going to make all online bingo sites take the stride of offering android bingo games for players. Right now, you can enjoy a vast selection of android bingo apps, which will allow you to play bingo in your free time.

One such android bingo app that allows you to play free android bingo games is Bingo Heaven. It is among the most popular bingo apps for android and offers the most classic form of bingo game for android. The design of this new android bingo application is such that it looks amazing on the screen of your android device.

The best thing about android bingo application like Heaven Bingo is that it allows players to enjoy their favorite bingo games even when they are on the move. This makes it more convenient for the young people to play bingo games online.

Simply download the android bingo app for free from online sites and start enjoying this fantastic game. You don’t have to race yourself to victory in the android bingo game. The number of bingo balls that will be called for each bingo game is fixed beforehand.  When you don’t call bingo within the fixed number of calls, you lose the game. You can make the victory call even before the fixed number of balls has been drawn.

When you continue playing the game until the end of call, you stand an extra chance to win squares with treasure chests, which will offer you extra credits on your game. You must also keep your eye out for the power-up’s and other collection items, as they will also do you good.

You can choose the level according to your expertise in the game. When you are a beginner, you must choose to play the simplest level in which you will get just a single android bingo card. As you go up the levels, the number of android bingo cards will increase but it can only go up to 4 per game.

One of the best aspects of this android bingo game is that it is free to download.           There is also an option to make real money deposits and play for real money with Bingo Heaven android bingo app.