Bingo Island Live

It is not very long since bingo on android started becoming available. Android bingo apps are now getting really popular in the market. There are quite a few bingo apps for Android available in the market today (of course we have our personal favourites. One of the most popular, which is now becoming a big trend is Bingo Island Live for Android.

Clear and Classy

This brilliant application combines an amazing range of features and options. The first class graphics are as clear as they are cool and mean it looks really great on the small screen of your phone.

The most important aspect that has made this app stand out among the best bingo in Android apps in the market is the gaming quality that it offers. The appealing interface and amazing sound effects that the app offers are also major reasons for it becoming so popular. The concept of live bingo gaming through Android is not just a dream. It is reality!

Island Theme

For a theme, the app pictures a beautiful island which looks very serene and calm. The game is designed for gamers of all levels since a player can adjust the speed according to his or her comfort level. From basic level to higher levels, the bingo prizes go up as you climb up the levels ladder.  Features include chat availability and multiplayer Android bingo functionality.

Social Integration

Another very important advantage of this best android bingo app is that it is extremely easy to play android bingo games with it. Moreover, this Android bingo app is linked to Facebook and allows you to easily invite your friends to play. This is also a great way to practice gambling responsibly – friends are good at making sure we don’t get carried away!


With the help of android bingo apps like Bingo Island Live, you can now play mobile bingo games like you play online bingo games, i.e. playing with more than one bingo card at a time. You can play up to 3 bingo cards in this Live bingo android app. All in all, this is a perfect android bingo app for a novice and the most veteran mobile bingo players.