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Playing Online Bingo on the Samsung S8

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It’s always exciting when one of the “big two” releases a new mobile device and the Samsung S8 has finally arrived on the UK market. Around 6 months ago, Samsung phones were exploding and the company had a bit of a PR disaster trying to resolve their exploding phone issues with the majority of devices recalled. Nonetheless, the S8 has launched and it is already proving to be a hugely desirable device so we thought we would take a look at its gaming capabilities in a little more detail.

Device Specification

Playing bingo on Android devices is a great idea due to the sheer range of sites that work well on Android devices. The Samsung S8 is one of the most advanced devices that we have seen yet and the screen on the standard device measures in at 5.8 inches with a quad-HD Infinity Displayed (AMOLED) screen. To put it simply for our readers, it is a massive screen and one the best we have ever seen in terms of its quality. Additionally, the phone also boasts the following:

  • Processor – Intel: Eight-core Samsung Exynos 9 8895 (4X 2.3GHz Samsung & 4X 1.7GHz Cortex-A53).
  • Memory – 4GB RAM.
  • 3000mAH battery with wireless & fast charging.

The Perfect Mobile Bingo Companion

All the info above is all well and good but can you play bingo on it easily? Quite simply, yes it can! The combination of the powerful processor and memory make for one of the most powerful mobile phones on the planet. This is further backed up with an incredibly large screen that makes playing mobile bingo games an extremely enjoyable experience. The powerful spec allows for an incredibly smooth gaming experience with a very high FPS rate (frames per second).

Alternative Options

Of course, whenever Android release a new gadget Apple aren’t far behind (and vice versa) so if you are more of an Apple fan then perhaps the iPhone will be more up your street. The 2017 range of Apple iPhones are still some months away yet but the iPhone 7 is currently available and while not as powerful as the new S8, it still packs a punch in terms of its potential bingo playing power. A great alternative.

What About Tablets?

The S8 has one of the biggest mobile phone screens on the market so if a big screen is a priority for you as a bingo player then perhaps a tablet would be more suitable. There are so many to choose from and many tablets will be cheaper than the Samsung S8 which currently has a recommended retail price of a whopping £689. An Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab could be much cheaper alternatives.

Final Thoughts

While the device is expensive if your current mobile phone contract is almost up then the S8 could be the perfect upgrade with its S8 Infinity Screen. Nothing we have seen on the mobile phone market really comes close to it when it comes to design and processing power. Bingo players will absolutely love it so if you can afford it the hefty price tag or are looking to upgrade your current model then look no further than this phone.

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VR Slot Games: The Next Big Step?

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As mobile players on Android devices, we like to think we’re pretty switched on when it comes to the latest tech. For the last few years, there has been a buzz created around virtual reality and one slot game developer is hoping to deliver.

NetEnt’s Big News

You’ll probably know the NetEnt team as the ones behind games like Starburst and the South Park slot. It’s safe to say that they’re one of the most well known in the industry and they’re hoping to raise their profile even further. This month, they announced their NetEnt VR technology, which will have players spinning in the virtual reality world.

Gonzo’s Quest VR will be the first real money VR slot game to be released onto the market. This is hardly a surprise move, as Gonzo is a hugely popular character and the slot is a top earner from their library. This is evident when you look at just how many sites use this character in their branding or offer free spins on the slot.

When will it Be Released?

The prototype of this game was shown at the ICE Total Gaming Expo earlier in the month. This shows that the bare bones of the slot and the tech are there but the game isn’t quite ready to launch just yet. This will also tie into the availability of virtual reality hardware, as not every player has the capacity to use this at the moment.

The developers have stated that realistically speaking the game should be available late 2017 or early 2018. While they’re saying it’s a world first, there is the opportunity for another developer to release their version first. Take Microgaming for example, as the oldest online casino developer in the world they could easily sneak in there with a VR game before next year.

How will it be Played?

We’re hoping for an Android compatible version of this game right off the bat, perhaps compatible with Google Cardboard or Samsung VR Gear. This would be ideal for gamers as there would be no need to invest in expensive gaming hardware like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

This is probably the most likely course of action for the developer, as it’s the one that more players will be able to use. The controls could work on a voice controlled system or even with motion sensors, imagine just nodding or speaking to spin a slot.

Novelty or Here to Stay?

Many developers and players are getting excited about the prospect of virtual reality but we’re not yet sure if this will be a flash in the pan. 3D tech hasn’t made the lasting impression that most expected and a lot of other innovations have went down the same path too. Where virtual reality will lead is a mystery so far but it will be a pleasant distraction at the very least.

Will Gonzo’s Quest VR lead us into a brave new world? We can’t wait to find out later this year.

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Using Twitter Apps to Bet

WTG Bingo

Twitter has recently launched ‘bet now’ and ‘play now’ buttons to users in the UK, but will this have a positive or negative effect on British gaming and gambling?

When people think of gambling and social media, the almost instant focus is on Facebook and either just for fun gambles like Bingo Blingo, or real money jackpot apps like AvaTingo which offers bingo and slots connected through social media. However Twitter is now opening up to the possibilities of the online gaming industry, thanks to two new buttons which will appear on the app in the UK in the near future.

When it rolls out, Twitter users both online and mobile will be able to see ‘bet now’ and ‘play now’ buttons on their screen, which should be able to advantage all of those in the online gaming market. According to a social media expert at one of the industry’s top publications, iGaming Business, the addition of these buttons will prove to be a real game changer for both betting operators and affiliates.

The UK online gambling market is one of the most competitive iGaming markets in the world, and this move looks only to spark on the competition with a whole new marketing strategy implied by these changes from Twitter. Gaming and bingo brands who do not already use this social media network should quickly make an account! Whether a standalone app, big brand with many gambling sites and apps such as William Hill, or even a brand new site launching, there’s plenty to be gained from this new feature.

For example, promoted accounts and sponsored tweets already work well and have far-reaching potential if you’re willing to pay for the ads. These tools are great for welcoming new users into your social fold, with the potential to convert to real money players. However with the bet and play buttons, bingo sites can give players the option to ‘play now’ which can relate to a bingo or side game. Of course this either requires people to follow you to find this tweet, or for you to also utilize the sponsored tweet option alongside. However the potential of conversion is much stronger since players are directly linked to where they need to be, and existing players who are logged in will be all ready to play or purchase their tickets.

This is of course an invaluable tool for affiliates too, offering the opportunity to link directly to their affiliated sites through their own active twitter account and tweets. This opens up more possibilities and services for affiliate networks, allowing them to expand alongside the gaming industry. With online betting now making up over 50% of bookmakers revenue, never mind any other sector of the gambling industry, the addition of such a feature on a global social network could prove priceless in the long run if adopted correctly. Thanks to the adoption of social networking as a way of engaging with like-minded people across the globe, the likes of Twitter has become pivotal to the live marketing of odds, promotions and offers.

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Weirdest Bingo Apps for Android

Android is getting really popular and all throughout history one thing is clear: the more popular something is, the stranger it becomes!

Not Weird Just Different?

Some of these bingo apps for Android are so different you may just love the game for the innovation it offers! We have filtered out some of the weirdest free android bingo apps that are available:

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1. Mall Bingo

Do you spend most of your time idling away at the mall? Mall Bingo is a perfect app to kill you time in the mall, without spending a penny from your pocket. All you have to do is look around and find out various things that happen around. The bingo cards for Mall Bingo will have some funny phrases like Mullets, Dirty Babies, Mustache Only, Denim Outfits, Socks with Sandals, Sunglasses Indoors and Super Fans.

You have to look around and find suitable characters that match the card. Play against your friends and find out who wins before the malls closes.

2. Marketing Bingo

Thisis yet another different app that is available for free download online. The bingo card in this game includes all sorts of words that you would hear in your boring marketing meeting. It is similar to buzzword or business bingo, which appears in our list of the best fun apps. Some of the phrases on the cards include Partner, Milestone, High-level, Target audience, Sales driven, Assets and Low-hanging fruit.

It might actually be fun to mark off these words while you are in the meeting! Play against your friend. But beware calling out bingo aloud for the game is definitely going to keep you hooked.

3. Bus Bingo

Another very nice android bingo app in the market is Bus Bingo. There are many of us who would have to take the bus once in a while or even every day. If you love watching people in the bus, then you will love to play this amazing bingo game on your next bus journey. Some of the images that you will find on the bingo-cards of this game are a man sleeping at the back and a couple with a lot of luggage, etc.

With more and more Android devices coming on the market, keep checking online to review which are most compatible. Our top five article is a good place to start. Or check back here to find the weirdest!

Best Free Apps – 2 Definitions

Free means different things to different people. At the risk of trying to please all the people all the time and not pleasing anyone we’ll look at both apps that are free to download and real money games you can play for free. It’s time to make that choice people!

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1. Play for Free Win Real Money

There was a time when bingo was a game only for the old and retired. However, times quickly changed and the rising popularity of bingo game soon reached the online world too. As a result there are more special offers than there are sandwiches in Kent.

However, until recently there was still a small drawback: it was yet difficult for busy people to find some time to play. Hence its entry into the mobile world too! The small screen needn’t be a problem – Android bingo has its advantages.

Best Sites

Several UK mobile bingo sites offer players the option play bingo on Android devices. Some of the best are Mecca Bingo, Gone Mobile Bingo, Mira Mobile Bingo and mFortune. Most will also either give you a bonus to play their games for free or have the occasional free games in which you can win real prizes.

2. Free to Download, Free to Play

Apart from bingo apps from these Android-optimised real bingo sites, there are probably hundreds of bingo-themed apps out there now. We have selected our top 10 in this article. These applications can be directly downloaded to your phone and you can play as and when you want.

Plenty of Android bingo apps are available in the market and most of these are free. Finding the best can seem like a bit of a lottery so good luck selecting one of our recommendations. Get your Android phones out, download one and start playing now!

Advantages of Bingo on Android

With the huge rise in the number of Android users and the soaring popularity of online bingo, so many online casinos are bringing out bingo apps for Android now. But why bother playing on your Droid as opposed to a PC?

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Wide Choice

While once your choice was limited, you can now choose from a wide range Android-optimised bingo alternatives. We have some of the best here. There’s no need to miss your favorite bongo games, just because you don’t have your laptop with you. Your choice is not limited to fun and social bingo apps – a wide range of real money bingo options also exists.

How to Choose

Android bingo applications work just like all other apps that you have on your phone. Start with looking for online casinos that provide free bingo apps for Android mobile users. Compare these sites and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Convenience is Everything

Whether you’re downloading a native Android app or playing through your web browser, playing bingo has never been more convenient.


Simply enter your mobile number on the site and get the instructions for download. Install the app on your phone through the site itself through your Android browser.

Top tip: make sure that you have chosen a dependable online casino – check the Ts & Cs and look for the relevant licenses and certificates.

This nice thing about mobile bingo games to download is that you can usually register through your Android phone and login. That said, sometimes things will be a lot easier if you are already registered at the online casino via your PC.

Great Games

As well as real money bingo games there are also Android-optimised sites that offer free bingo games, as well as free apps to download. If that sounds confusing, it needn’t be.

Choose between 90-ball, 80-ball or 75-ball bingo games – the exact games offered will vary according to the handset you are using and the site you are registered with. So when you are searching online for an Android bingo app, make sure that you check the number of real money bingo games that they allow you to play through your Android as well.

With these Android Bingo apps, you can now have access unlimited fun with online bingo games. Mecca Bingo Mobile, Foxy Bingo Mobile, Lady Luck Mobile and iBingo are some of the most popular choices.