Facebook Bingo Apps


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Thanks to the popularity of social media there’s an almost limitless number of apps and games to play all from the comfort of your own personal Facebook page.

One area that has seen a rather remarkable jump in popularity is Facebook Bingo apps and games.

What Are Facebook Bingo Apps?

A Facebook Bingo app is a Bingo app that you can use on your phone.  Most of them are either downloaded from a bingo website like Facebook Bingo appy which lets you download it directly.

You could also get it by just entering the name of your app of choice into the Facebook search engine.

These apps are then linked with your Facebook account and you can jump between the app and your Facebook feed with relative ease. However the mobile Bingo apps aren’t like your ordinary online Bingo website, they actually have a few differences.

Differences between Facebook Bingo and Bingo Sites

Both of these tend to have sign up bonuses that take the form of no-deposit or welcome bonuses on top of your first few cash deposits much like your ordinary Bingo site would provide you with.

Facebook Bingo apps can also tend to have the same sort of rules over gameplay, so you can play a 90 ball Bingo game on a Facebook app safe in the knowledge that it’s the exact same game you would find on a Bingo site.

Facebook Bingo apps can also contain a few side games like slots or scratch cards to keep you entertained, although unlike Bingo sites their selection is usually a lot smaller.

There can also be quite a social element to both of these with Bingo sites having chat rooms and Facebook Bingo apps allowing you to invite friends into games.

However where they differ is that some Facebook Bingo apps can also come with achievements to show off to your friends, trophies and items to customise your game with, there are even a few apps that can be played for free.

There are even a few Facebook Bingo apps that are played solely for the intent of having fun with no cash ever being exchanged.

Facebook Bingo Apps worth Trying Out

Because of their popularity there’s an absolutely ton of different Facebook Bingo apps to try out, but rather than go through them all we’ve selected three of what we consider to be the best to try out.

Bingo Blitz:

Developed by Buffalo Studios this app gives you a refreshing take on the genre. Available across multiple devices this just for fun app features the familiar game of Bingo we’re all used to but with a few special twists.

For starters you have the ability to unlock power ups to alter gameplay and give you abilities like ‘Double Daub’ or the ‘Instant Win’ ability.

It also contains a few special rooms like the Blackout room, Loteria and Shadow Cards where the aim of the game is to win combinations to unlock special collectible items to show off and trade with your friends.

Bingo Friendzy:

This fun Facebook Bingo app can be played for real money so you could win cash whilst scrolling through your news feed.

It features the familiar 90 and 75 ball games but as an added extra there’s also a few fun side games to play around with. The games available are superb slots that range from the likes of Tiki Temple to Wonderland and even the fun Fortune Temple.

Bingo Friendzy also comes with a brilliant 200% bonus on top of your first deposit, plus there’s also a few fun competitions to take part in to win some extra cash.

Bingo Bash:

With an active user-base of 2million players worldwide you’ll never be short of a match in Bingo Bash.

This super little app comes with a wealth of fun games and different modes like ‘Speed Bingo’ to try, plus there’s a selection of brilliant power-ups to spice up your gameplay.

So the next time you’re scrolling through Facebook looking for something fun to try, why not check out a few Facebook Bingo games.

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