Graduation Bingo

Android bingo apps are becoming more and more popular by the day. There are many such free android apps for bingo coming up in the market now. Most of these apps offer different variants of the original online bingo game. Graduation Bingo is yet another interesting form of playing bingo on android.

Where to play: Your graduation ceremony is indeed a big function for you. However, there are chances that it can get real boring for your friends and family with all the long speeches and sermons, until your name gets called. You can make it more exciting by playing Graduation bingo on your android. This app is available for free download online.

How to play: The bingo cards for Graduation Bingo is not going to be filled with numbers like usual. Instead, bingo cards for graduationbingo app will be filled with all the related words that you hear in a graduation ceremony such as Party, Responsibility, Results, College, Homework, Investment, Graduation Gown, Memories, Graduate, Family, Family, Opportunity, Scholarship, Exams, Suspension and Dreams.

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Several bingo cards can be generated for the same game and you can play bingo on your android. To play the game, you and your other bingo buddies only have to get your bingo card on android and then listen to the words being spoken for the graduation ceremony. You have to strike out words on your card as they are mentioned by someone on the dais. Just like the normal bingo games, you can play for one line, two line and Full House Bingo.

Win types: All you have to do to play this terrific game is to keep your ears open. Hear all the phrases being spoken out and everything that’s happening around. As soon as you hear something , check out your bingo squares and mark out the words or phrases. You can either play against the clock or your friend sitting next to you or any graduate who is waiting for his or her name to be called. When you strike off 5 squares in a row, you score a bingo. But, it does not stop there. You can go ahead and play additional bingos, Inside Box BINGO, Outside Box BINGO and Full Board BINGO for the fun of it.

Where to get it from: After you have a look at this bingo app for android, you are going to long to attend a graduate ceremony where you can enjoy this nice game. The graduation bingo app is available for the iPhone and iPad users as well. Almost everyone possesses a smart phone these days and it is going to be great when you can play some of the best bingo games on android. So before you go for your graduation ceremony visit to get this app downloaded to your latest android device. The app is just a few MB in size and will get downloaded in less than a few minutes time. When you play graduation bingo on android, you won’t even notice how fast time flies and within no time you will be called on stage to receive your certificate.

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Features: This bingo android app offers excellent graphics and sound effects as well.

Conclusion: It is true that you cannot win real money jackpots by playing graduation bingo on android. However, the fun that you can have through these graduation bingo games is indeed addicting. You could get so involved in this amazing game that you would not even know when you jump up and cry out bingo in midst of your graduation ceremony.

It would indeed be great to carry along such an interesting game for your graduation ceremony. However, make sure you don’t miss your name being called out for the honors while you get addicted to this amazing android bingo game.