Lucky Bingo

Outside of real money bingo you have plenty of choice for saving your pennies. And also, we need to point out that we are not just talking about free bingo at the standard selection of real money sites. When you go to the Google Play store you can perform a search for Android bingo apps that are free to download. [Read more…]

All of the apps are lots of fun to play and very easy to use, with each optimised to the various Android devices out there. We are going to assist in your search for fun and free Android bingo apps right now by starting you off with Lucky Bingo.

no deposit mobile bingo
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A Global Success Story

In terms of Google Play downloads, Lucky Bingo has surpassed 70,000 downloads – a very impressive milestone. Along with all of the Android bingo players, people can also play through their Facebook account. When you add the Facebook players into the mix, there are more than 7 million registered players all over the world. The description of the app even goes so far as to boast that there more players of Lucky Bingo than there are people in Australia. Now that should really give you an idea about just how popular this app is!

Key Features

When playing the Lucky Bingo app there are a few features that definitely stand above the others and really get you excited:

  • Free to play – You don’t have to part with a penny to download it.
  • Live action bingo – A major selling point of the app is that you can play in real-time against your best friends.
  • Play with 100 bingo tickets – Lucky Bingo surpasses the competition by letting players use up to 100 bingo tickets in some of the games.
  • Tantalising treats – Earn special daily bonus coins by completing tasks. These could be inviting Facebook friends or else through levelling up.

Suitable for Larger Android Devices

The great thing about the latest version of the app is that it also looks just as good on the Android devices with the bigger screens. So those of you with Droid Razor Max or Galaxy S2/S3 devices will be just fine. There will be no difficulty with looking at the smaller options, messages or outcomes on your Android device. Don’t delay any longer and give this free app a try now. You can find it by searching for ‘Lucky Bingo’ in the Google Play store. Also, don’t forget to check out the Top 5 Bingo Apps