Mirrorball Slots Gets Revamped for Android

Great news for fans of MirrorBall Slots, it seems this popular game is getting revamped for Android devices.

So now you can enjoy their different slots whenever you like by loading up your Android whilst you’re out and about.

What’s Going On?

According to Plumbee, a Social Casino studio based in London, they’re re-launching their popular Mirror Ball Slots: Kingdom of Riches game on a new Android platform for players.

The company said the launch was in a partnership with Quickspin and their team to bring this game and range of other slots to a much wider and bigger audience across a number of different mobile devices.

Plumbee also said that the launch of this Android version of their game was part of the company’s commitment to provide new innovative and social casino games to their players across as many platforms as possible.

According the company’s Chief Product Officer Gerald Tan, fans of the game, when it was a solely Facebook based title have been eagerly anticipating this launch and Plumbee are delighted that their game is now live on Android devices.

The App

Mirrorball slots originally launched on Facebook back in 2013 and their Android gaming app seems to have all the great gaming goodness that its Facebook counterpart had, albeit on a new mobile platform.

It has this great design to it that looks rather modern and stylish as you switch between different game sections on the app with just a couple of taps of your finger. It also now features a story-led approach so you can immerse yourself in a fun little narrative as you spin the reels in the various slots in the app.

One thing worth noting though is that this app is all about one thing, providing you with lots of fun casino games, so if you’re looking for a social bingo app then this isn’t for you as their main focus is slots.

Features of the App

It’s free to play as you just special in-game credits, so although you can’t cash out your winnings you can use them to unlock extra features on the app. Plus, if you’re short on the gems or coins they use as currency you can simply but them using real cash.

So if you want to give your account a little boost then you could fire in a little bit of real money to earn some extra game credits. Plus you also get coins for free every two hours, which means you won’t have to wait long to pick up some credits to play with.

They also regularly add new games and provide you with challenges to complete, so you will always have something fun to play.

How to Play

The Mirrorball slots in this app are all pretty easy to play and they provide plenty of ‘help’ options, so even if you’re new to the genre it shouldn’t take you too long to pick up how to play them.

All the games on this app tend to have five reels and a set number of paylines and you can change how many lines you’re using as well as the amount of credits spent on each spin. Each game also comes with its own unique bonus mode, when these are triggered they activate interesting features that alter gameplay and give you the chance to win large credit prizes.

It really is a fantastic free to play app and it’s a great remake of the Facebook version. There are tons of great slot games to try out and it’s definitely worth downloading if you have an Android phone.

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