Multiplayer Bingo App

One of the latest fun bingo apps that has entered the market is Multiplayer Bingo app for Android. Just as the name suggests, this Android bingo application lets you enjoy bingo games on android along with other players. You can enjoy your favorite bingo game with your friends and family whenever you want to.

How to Play

Just like the normal bingo game, every player gets one card that has a grid of numbers from 1 to 75. You should be familliar with what happens next:

  1. The bingo balls are drawn and if the numbers on your card are called
  2. Then that number has to be digitally marked, or “circled” if you wish.
  3. If you complete circling all the numbers in a row, you can call bingo and score a point.
  4. In the same way, complete all the lines and collect your points.
  5. The game is over when a player has achieved the full house before any others.

Often, the game may also result in a tie as two or more players achieve full house or any of the rows simultaneously. If you do not want to share your win with others, then you will have to race your opponents to win the game exclusively. Unfortunately, the fate of your game does not depend on your skill but on the cards that you hold and the balls that are called out.


Online bingo has become a very popular form of entertainment today. Now that it is possible to enjoy it on Android phonesthis is a game that you can carry around with you everywhere. Long journeys, picnics, parties are never going to be the same with the introduction of Android bingo games – your instant link to bingo fun, anytime, anywhere.

Let’s just hope we still find time to talk to our friends.

Head to the homepage to find our most recommended games. Having said that, Android bingo apps keep coming on the market so this list is subject to change. Most of these bingo applications for Android are available to the players for free and this makes its popularity go even higher.  Some of the sites to look out for are mmm (mFortune Bingo), Mecca, Gone Bingo Mobile, Paddy Power Bingo, Lady Lucks Mobile and Mira Bingo Mobile.

Instant Bingo games are also available at sites like All Slots Mobile.