Playing Online Bingo on the Samsung S8

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It’s always exciting when one of the “big two” releases a new mobile device and the Samsung S8 has finally arrived on the UK market. Around 6 months ago, Samsung phones were exploding and the company had a bit of a PR disaster trying to resolve their exploding phone issues with the majority of devices recalled. Nonetheless, the S8 has launched and it is already proving to be a hugely desirable device so we thought we would take a look at its gaming capabilities in a little more detail.

Device Specification

Playing bingo on Android devices is a great idea due to the sheer range of sites that work well on Android devices. The Samsung S8 is one of the most advanced devices that we have seen yet and the screen on the standard device measures in at 5.8 inches with a quad-HD Infinity Displayed (AMOLED) screen. To put it simply for our readers, it is a massive screen and one the best we have ever seen in terms of its quality. Additionally, the phone also boasts the following:

  • Processor – Intel: Eight-core Samsung Exynos 9 8895 (4X 2.3GHz Samsung & 4X 1.7GHz Cortex-A53).
  • Memory – 4GB RAM.
  • 3000mAH battery with wireless & fast charging.

The Perfect Mobile Bingo Companion

All the info above is all well and good but can you play bingo on it easily? Quite simply, yes it can! The combination of the powerful processor and memory make for one of the most powerful mobile phones on the planet. This is further backed up with an incredibly large screen that makes playing mobile bingo games an extremely enjoyable experience. The powerful spec allows for an incredibly smooth gaming experience with a very high FPS rate (frames per second).

Alternative Options

Of course, whenever Android release a new gadget Apple aren’t far behind (and vice versa) so if you are more of an Apple fan then perhaps the iPhone will be more up your street. The 2017 range of Apple iPhones are still some months away yet but the iPhone 7 is currently available and while not as powerful as the new S8, it still packs a punch in terms of its potential bingo playing power. A great alternative.

What About Tablets?

The S8 has one of the biggest mobile phone screens on the market so if a big screen is a priority for you as a bingo player then perhaps a tablet would be more suitable. There are so many to choose from and many tablets will be cheaper than the Samsung S8 which currently has a recommended retail price of a whopping £689. An Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab could be much cheaper alternatives.

Final Thoughts

While the device is expensive if your current mobile phone contract is almost up then the S8 could be the perfect upgrade with its S8 Infinity Screen. Nothing we have seen on the mobile phone market really comes close to it when it comes to design and processing power. Bingo players will absolutely love it so if you can afford it the hefty price tag or are looking to upgrade your current model then look no further than this phone.

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