Pocket Bingo v2.1

Android bingo gamers who have been looking out for more sophisticated bingo on android apps can now enjoy a new advanced version of Pocket Bingo, the popular android app for bingo for those who love bingo on the go.

Bingo Pocket is one of the best android bingo apps for bingo gamers. If you have enjoyed Pocket Bingo, then you will love Pocket Bingo Reboot, the new version. Pocket Bingo v2.1 offers you more bingo android rooms with high stakes where you can play with up to six bingo android tickets. What’s more; a still new version with online multi player is on the cards or should I say bingo cards.

So here’s what’s new at Pocket Bingo, the top bingo android app for bingo lovers. For starters there is the High Stakes Diamond Room where you can play android bingo games and expect high payouts in a high android bingo jackpot game. You can also get up to six bingo on android tickets in this bingo room which means your chances of winning this bingo android game is six times higher.

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The Pocket Bingo bingo app from Apostek software is available for free download from iTunes. Download it now and enjoy UK Style 90 Ball Bingo with in-built tickets.

Launched towards the end of 2011, Pocket Bingo v2.1 has been a roaring success as far as bingo android apps are concerned. Simply download this android bingo app and play android bingo games on your android.

If you are a newcomer to bingo on android, then you will do well to start with Pocket Bingo where you can set the rules and play according to your preferences. Set winning criterion such as the first five numbers or early five, as it is popularly called or set winning conditions on each of the different lines – the choice is yours.

Here’s a tip for Pocket Bingo fans – Seasoned android bingo players already playing away on the earlier version of Pocket Bingo can easily migrate to the new version as v2.1 comes with automatic Score Recovery.