Probability Mobile Software

Mobile gaming has come a long way in last few years. We’ve constantly moving on to newer devices with great games that are developed and released on a regular basis.

One brand that’s had a lot of success from this mobile market growth is Probability.

Who Are Probability?

Probability, or to give them their full name Probability PLC, are a software company that first appeared in 2004. After their initial launch they managed to carve a niche in the gambling industry through their exclusive systems that allow a range of sites to host Probability designed games on their web, Android and iPhone bingo sites.

Thanks to this great software they’ve managed to pull in some of the most recognisable gambling brands in the industry to further add to their pedigree as a developer.

Thanks to their meteoric rise in the web, iPhone and Android bingo sites industry the company was estimated as being worth £17.5 million as of 2014, which is quite an achievement for just 8 short years. In fact thanks to this success they were acquired by interactive game software company GTECH, a merger that will only serve to benefit both brands in the coming years.

What Makes Them Different From Other Brands?

So you may be curious as to what it is that makes this company so popular?

Well here are the basics.  Probability PLC stands out from the competition thanks to their patented Halley system to power their core game platforms.

They use this engine to create immersive, fun and beautifully designed games that are regularly tweaked and adapted to work on a wider range of mobile devices.  It’s this almost universal accessibility across devices that makes their sites so popular amongst their various members.

Also because they invested £1million into R&D for their games they always produce titles that come with great graphics and unique bonus features.

They also allow the sites that use their software a degree of autonomy in what competitions they run with their games so each website can provide this great content in their own way.

Sites Attached to Probability

Since their original appearance the number of Probability mobile bingo sites out on the market has increased almost exponentially.

With each site offering its own exclusive competitions and spin on online mobile gaming we thought it would be prudent to just choose a couple that are worth trying out.

Touch My Bingo:

Sign up with this brilliant bingo site and you’ll be able to take home a £5 no deposit bonus. But the rewards don’t stop there because you’ll also get a 100% cash match bonus on your first three deposits of £150, £50 and £25 to let you double your initial investments.

Moobile Games:

On this fun farm based bingo site you’ll be able to claim £5 free for just creating an account. Then when you pour cash in you’ll be given a 100% cash match for your first three deposits of £150, £50 and £25.

Lady Lucks:

When you sign up to this site and drop in some cash you will be given a great welcome package of a 100% cash match on your first deposit of up to £250, a second top-up of a maximum of £100 and a third and final account transfer of £150.

It’s safe to assume that Probability PLC are one software development brand that have had almost unparalleled success in the last couple of years. Combined with their merger of GTECH it will be exciting to see what other terrific titles they pull out of their hat in the coming months.

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