Weirdest Bingo Apps for Android

Android is getting really popular and all throughout history one thing is clear: the more popular something is, the stranger it becomes!

Not Weird Just Different?

Some of these bingo apps for Android are so different you may just love the game for the innovation it offers! We have filtered out some of the weirdest free android bingo apps that are available:

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1. Mall Bingo

Do you spend most of your time idling away at the mall? Mall Bingo is a perfect app to kill you time in the mall, without spending a penny from your pocket. All you have to do is look around and find out various things that happen around. The bingo cards for Mall Bingo will have some funny phrases like Mullets, Dirty Babies, Mustache Only, Denim Outfits, Socks with Sandals, Sunglasses Indoors and Super Fans.

You have to look around and find suitable characters that match the card. Play against your friends and find out who wins before the malls closes.

2. Marketing Bingo

Thisis yet another different app that is available for free download online. The bingo card in this game includes all sorts of words that you would hear in your boring marketing meeting. It is similar to buzzword or business bingo, which appears in our list of the best fun apps. Some of the phrases on the cards include Partner, Milestone, High-level, Target audience, Sales driven, Assets and Low-hanging fruit.

It might actually be fun to mark off these words while you are in the meeting! Play against your friend. But beware calling out bingo aloud for the game is definitely going to keep you hooked.

3. Bus Bingo

Another very nice android bingo app in the market is Bus Bingo. There are many of us who would have to take the bus once in a while or even every day. If you love watching people in the bus, then you will love to play this amazing bingo game on your next bus journey. Some of the images that you will find on the bingo-cards of this game are a man sleeping at the back and a couple with a lot of luggage, etc.

With more and more Android devices coming on the market, keep checking online to review which are most compatible. Our top five article is a good place to start. Or check back here to find the weirdest!