Superstore Bingo

There are all sorts of new and innovative android bingo apps coming up in the market and Superstore Bingo is definitely very different. This new bingo app for android would be much easier to play for those who do a lot of shopping.

The bingo cards are usually filled with numbers. In Superstore Bingo, you will have the bingo cards filled with all sorts of strange things that you might encounter when you are on a shopping spree at a superstore.

Confused? Well, some of the phrases that you will find on the cards are ‘most registers closed’,  ‘someone with an oxygen tank’, ‘candy cheaper than fruit

’, ‘baby only in diaper’, ‘no toilet paper in bathroom’, ‘bare foot child’, ‘someone wider than the cart’ and so on.

Though most of these incidents are really strange, they do happen to be things that happen at times. So, if you want to have some real fun shopping for your groceries, just be on the lookout for some of these strange sightings.

You must first download the free SuperStore bingo app for android and get your cards ready. Then just start shopping and while you are at it, make sure you cross out all those wild things that you see on the way.

You could even try playing the game with a co shopper or any friend who comes along with you on your shopping. Grocery shopping is something that really bores most of us and it would be really great to get engaged in something as interesting as bingo gaming while you are at it.

The different approach of using shopping encounters instead of numbers is also very interesting. Though there are several new kinds of bingo apps coming out in the market, it is very rare that you find something as unique as Super Store Bingo.

Everyone is sure to love this new android bingo app, just for the innovation it has brought into regular bingo games. You can get your free Superstore bingo app from the Android store online.

Android bingo apps are becoming a trend now and it is high time that you download the Superstore android bingo app before you are ready to go for your next month shopping.