Using Twitter Apps to Bet

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Twitter has recently launched ‘bet now’ and ‘play now’ buttons to users in the UK, but will this have a positive or negative effect on British gaming and gambling?

When people think of gambling and social media, the almost instant focus is on Facebook and either just for fun gambles like Bingo Blingo, or real money jackpot apps like AvaTingo which offers bingo and slots connected through social media. However Twitter is now opening up to the possibilities of the online gaming industry, thanks to two new buttons which will appear on the app in the UK in the near future.

When it rolls out, Twitter users both online and mobile will be able to see ‘bet now’ and ‘play now’ buttons on their screen, which should be able to advantage all of those in the online gaming market. According to a social media expert at one of the industry’s top publications, iGaming Business, the addition of these buttons will prove to be a real game changer for both betting operators and affiliates.

The UK online gambling market is one of the most competitive iGaming markets in the world, and this move looks only to spark on the competition with a whole new marketing strategy implied by these changes from Twitter. Gaming and bingo brands who do not already use this social media network should quickly make an account! Whether a standalone app, big brand with many gambling sites and apps such as William Hill, or even a brand new site launching, there’s plenty to be gained from this new feature.

For example, promoted accounts and sponsored tweets already work well and have far-reaching potential if you’re willing to pay for the ads. These tools are great for welcoming new users into your social fold, with the potential to convert to real money players. However with the bet and play buttons, bingo sites can give players the option to ‘play now’ which can relate to a bingo or side game. Of course this either requires people to follow you to find this tweet, or for you to also utilize the sponsored tweet option alongside. However the potential of conversion is much stronger since players are directly linked to where they need to be, and existing players who are logged in will be all ready to play or purchase their tickets.

This is of course an invaluable tool for affiliates too, offering the opportunity to link directly to their affiliated sites through their own active twitter account and tweets. This opens up more possibilities and services for affiliate networks, allowing them to expand alongside the gaming industry. With online betting now making up over 50% of bookmakers revenue, never mind any other sector of the gambling industry, the addition of such a feature on a global social network could prove priceless in the long run if adopted correctly. Thanks to the adoption of social networking as a way of engaging with like-minded people across the globe, the likes of Twitter has become pivotal to the live marketing of odds, promotions and offers.

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