VR Slot Games: The Next Big Step?

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As mobile players on Android devices, we like to think we’re pretty switched on when it comes to the latest tech. For the last few years, there has been a buzz created around virtual reality and one slot game developer is hoping to deliver.

NetEnt’s Big News

You’ll probably know the NetEnt team as the ones behind games like Starburst and the South Park slot. It’s safe to say that they’re one of the most well known in the industry and they’re hoping to raise their profile even further. This month, they announced their NetEnt VR technology, which will have players spinning in the virtual reality world.

Gonzo’s Quest VR will be the first real money VR slot game to be released onto the market. This is hardly a surprise move, as Gonzo is a hugely popular character and the slot is a top earner from their library. This is evident when you look at just how many sites use this character in their branding or offer free spins on the slot.

When will it Be Released?

The prototype of this game was shown at the ICE Total Gaming Expo earlier in the month. This shows that the bare bones of the slot and the tech are there but the game isn’t quite ready to launch just yet. This will also tie into the availability of virtual reality hardware, as not every player has the capacity to use this at the moment.

The developers have stated that realistically speaking the game should be available late 2017 or early 2018. While they’re saying it’s a world first, there is the opportunity for another developer to release their version first. Take Microgaming for example, as the oldest online casino developer in the world they could easily sneak in there with a VR game before next year.

How will it be Played?

We’re hoping for an Android compatible version of this game right off the bat, perhaps compatible with Google Cardboard or Samsung VR Gear. This would be ideal for gamers as there would be no need to invest in expensive gaming hardware like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

This is probably the most likely course of action for the developer, as it’s the one that more players will be able to use. The controls could work on a voice controlled system or even with motion sensors, imagine just nodding or speaking to spin a slot.

Novelty or Here to Stay?

Many developers and players are getting excited about the prospect of virtual reality but we’re not yet sure if this will be a flash in the pan. 3D tech hasn’t made the lasting impression that most expected and a lot of other innovations have went down the same path too. Where virtual reality will lead is a mystery so far but it will be a pleasant distraction at the very least.

Will Gonzo’s Quest VR lead us into a brave new world? We can’t wait to find out later this year.

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