Willy Wonka Slots App Launches

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Oompa loompa, it’s time to get into the chocolate factory and go mad with the Willy Wonka Slots app. This app comes from the Zynga development studios, which avid Android app lovers will be aware of. This developer is well known for their top notch games and it appears that they’ve added yet another to their ranks.

What is a Social Casino?

The very first thing to cover is what actually constitutes a social casino? This is an app that doesn’t have real gambling within it as it’s more of a social experience with your fellow players. This means that they can be licensed in more areas and there aren’t as many restrictions surrounding how you play. It’s also free, so there’s no need for you to add any funds into an account to play if you prefer to keep things cheap.

How to Play

Just pop into the Google Play store and you’ll find this under the Willy Wonka slot app and you’ll be able to download it from there. This fab app is compatible with most Android devices and it doesn’t take up much space on your device either. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be required to create an account – so you can play the game on other devices if you want.

Then, you’ll be going on your joining Charlie on his journey through the Chocolate Factory and on the ride of your life. The game starts with a golden ticket, just like the movie, and continues as you progress through the different areas of the factory. Key movie moments will come to life in the game, such as the notorious demise of Augustus Gloop.

The freemium element of this game comes when you run out of funds, as you can use an in app purchase to replenish them. If you don’t want to add your details or pay to play then you can complete other challenges instead. Just waiting a while will top them up or you can invite your friends on Facebook for more coins.


The best part of this game is of course, the nostalgia factor and characters. Grampa Joe, Charlie and even Willy Wonka will make their ways onto these reels to reward you with additional prizes. Musical numbers and dancing are also au fait in this game and the soundtrack really enhances the experience of the game.

It’s essentially a suite of slot games in the palm of your hand with all of them being played for free! Budding slot game players will enjoy this app, especially if you enjoy a bargain, so download it and have a go.


Our Willy Wonka slot review is pretty positive and the game keeps things bright and cheery. It’s fantastic to play no matter where you are and as it is a free game, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying it. Chatting with other players, spinning the slots and enjoying the movie all over again is just part of this social casino experience.